Harken Carbo Cam Cleat

Harken Carbo Cam Cleat H265

Harken Carbo-Cam Plastic Carbon-matrix Cam Cleat
Harken ball-bearing cam cleats hold lines securely and release instantly for easy, precise trimming - even under the highest loads.
Cam Cleat Features:
• Multiple rows of high-load ball bearings
• Smooth V-shape guide line for easy entry
• Rounded teeth to reduce line wear
• UV-stabilized with carbon-black additive

• Rope Sizes: 3-10mm
• Height: 28mm
• Length: 65mm
• Width: 32mm
• Fastener Spacing: 38mm
• S.W.L: 91kg, B.L: 227kg
• Weight: 42g DSBLBearings are UV stabilized, carbon-black filled balls. Smooth teeth to protect lines. Multiple rows of ball bearings provide minimal friction so spring can be soft. Engage or release line without drawing through cams. Harken holds a patent on the unique pawl geometry of the Cam-Matics which ensure that lines of all sizes are held by the greatest number of teeth. Available in carbon or alloy cam.

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