Blueblue 420

The most exciting 420 in the world this year is the Blueblue 420 available exclusively in the UK through IBI Sailing. With Harken Carbo blocks and DEM Infused, rudder and centerboard, the Blueblue 420 delivers the kind of speed and performance that brought home gold medals at the Youth World and European championships the last two years running. The Blueblue 420 is as fast as the old Ziegelmayer 420 and both seem to be faster than than the new Ziegelmayer 420.
First designed from the new digital templates in 2006, and manufactured by the internationally acclaimed Sports-Sails Center of Poland, the Blueblue 420 has already delivered national championships in 16 countries including gold medals at the 2015 Junior Europeans and 2016 European Championships.

• Harken Carbo blocks and Harken cleats throughout hull.
• Fully adjustable mainsheet bridle with cleats on traveller bar.
• Cascade kicker with Harken Carbo blocks.
• Cunningham system spliced to gooseneck fitting to lead to cleat.
• Padded toe straps.
• Rig tension system (4 mm spectra) with Harken Carbo triple block and Harken Carbo triple becket block with cleat and high tension hook to jib halyard.
• Chain plates (shroud adjusters) with fast pins and 2 mm retention lines.
• Chocks to fit mast gate.
• Twin spinnaker bags and one spinnaker pole.
• Packing tape to centre board case – top edge and slot edge.
• Anti-kink main sheet (7 mm).
• Dyneema jib sheets with eye whipped in end for 3mm Dyneema line from jib clew.
• Tapered Spinnaker sheets (6 mm - 4 mm).
• Superspar or Selden mast – fully rigged.
• Superspar or Selden boom fitted with 30 mm Harken blocks.
• Trapeze wires with discs and spliced adjusters.
• 2 mm wire forestay to comply with 2006 rules.
• 4 mm spinnaker halyard.
• 4 mm Kevlar main halyard.
• Burgee clip at top of mast.
• Burgee.
• 3 mm spectra on jib clew.
• 2.5 mm luff wire.
• DEM Infused Foils rudder and centreboard*.
• Centreboard uphaul / down haul led aft with cleats on side tanks and elastic to hold board position.
• Blueblue rudder stock.
• Tiller with alloy extension.
• Certification – boat fully measured (lead correctors if required). Measurement certificate supplied.
• Under cover and over cover, rudder bag, mast end bag.
• Full suit of Olimpic sails, complete with bags. Sail numbers applied to mainsail.

* New DEM 420 Foils! Designed by the legendary boat and foil designer, Phil Morrison. Produced by infusion using CNC aluminium moulds. Epoxy gelcoat finish that is much harder (and less likely to scratch) than the softer conventional polyester gelcoat finish used by most manufacturers. 18 mm thickness. Flexible and stiff boards are available. Both twist under load to give increased pointing.

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