Czygar Optimist Daggerboard (Flex)

Czygar optimist daggerboard
Czygar optimist daggerboard
Czygar optimist daggerboard edge
Czygar Optimist daggerboard-bottom alternatives

The Flex Czygar daggerboard is minimum weight with a gloss finish and is suitable for lighter sailors. The bottom of the daggerboard is straight so that the board has the absolute maximum underwater area.

Czygar foils for the Optimist dinghy are manufactured in accordance with strict IODA class rules. They are designed for winning. 

Czygar - Crafted Boat Parts was founded 36 years ago by Czesław Zygarowski, who to this day actively participates in the activities of the company and  maintains the quality and workmanship.ult art of boatbuilding. During this period, Czygar have produced more than 16 000 racing foil sets for the Optimist dinghy. 

Optional: Standard rounded bottom (see image with the two alternatives (allow 4 weeks for delivery)

Optional: Matt finish  (allow 4 weeks for delivery)

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