Mackay 420

Mackay Boats started building the International 420 in 2011. Introduction of the 420 was preceeded by 2 years of development and design to produce the fastest shape and best structure to ensure the Mackay 420 lived up to the same winning reputation as our winning 470’s. "The design and class rules gave us the opportunity to build a boat similar to the way we build our 470s both in terms of the structure of the mouldings and the look of the boat. For example the way the mast partner is fitted to the deck after the boat is built allows the bulkhead in front of the mast to be more vertical and closer to the mast. This is better for rig tension and weight distribution. It also improves the look of the boat giving it a longer foredeck. We have been able to use a deck to hull joint system the same as our 470s allowing for the same exceptionally strong but light gunwale arrangement which also extends around the bow and across the transom. The hull shape was developed by naval architect Kevin Trotter, working in the office next door to us here at MacKay Boats. Kevin has designed a few very fast dinghies here in New Zealand and has a solid command of the latest design and analysis software. We had the luxury of time and could properly evaluate the expected performance along with the look of the boat. There is lot of information out there based on how the sailors were sailing the existing boats. For example, where were crews tending to sit in the boat in different conditions? This affected where we pushed the displacement curve of the boat. Additionally, Kevin's skiff designs gave valuable insight into the way the rocker curve and buttocks lines should run through the middle and aft sections".


Includes spin bags, rudderstock, tiller & extension, rudder, centreboard, covers, trolley, all fittings, lines & sheets, ready to race, with measurement form and ISAF plaque.

  • Choice of mast, Selden or Superspar, inc shrouds, trapeze wires & halyards
  • Choice of boom, Selden or Superspar,  inc outhaul and blocks
  • Choice of Pole, Selden or Superspar, inc pole ends, lift eye and rope
  • Choice of sails, price includes a set of Olimpic sails
  • Forestay wire with jib swivel
  • Trapeze adjusters (pr)
  • Top cover
  • Bottom cover
  • Mackay Alloy launching trolley


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