UFO Foiler Boat Package

UFO Foiler
UFO Foiler in cruising mode
UFO Foiler Boat Package
UFO Foiler with rudder raised
UFO Foiler controls
UFO Foiler Boat Package
UFO Foiler Boat Package
UFO Foiler Boat Package
UFO Foiler Boat Package
UFO Foiler mast and sail
UFO Foiler wand assembly
UFO Foiler tiller and rudder
UFO Foiler main foil
UFO Foiler - boat of the year
UFO Foiler rudder gantry

THe UFO is a simplistic modern hydrofoiling boat, that allows anyone to fly through the air, freeing the hull from draggy water. More stable than the International Moth -or even a child’s pram- with a simple rig, and a set of fully retractable hydrofoils, all for less than £10,000, the UFO makes flying attainable. Built in the United States in high volume and quality control, the UFO maintains a one-design philosophy, creating close and exciting racing on foils! 

Simplicity, durability, and function were the core criteria in the development of the UFO. The hull is constructed of vinylester infused, Soric cored, fiberglass with carbon fiber reinforcement rendering the hull outstandingly rugged and seemingly impossible to dent.

The hull is remarkably light, weighing in at 31.5kg (70lbs), which makes it easy to handle and transport. The flat bottoms of the hulls make car top transport easy. With the addition of a conventional beach-wheels style dolly the UFO becomes exceptionally easy to move around, whether on the beach, in the boat park or to another venue.

While the UFO is a ‘sit on’ rather than ‘sit in’ boat, its EVA foam deck padding makes it comfortable for the knees, shins, and posterior. The deck rigging layout is as simplified as possible, featuring no long tails, take-ups or needless bits of string. Fulcrum’s rigging philosophy is “the more sophisticated the system, the more likely it is to snag and ultimately decay”.

Our unique jumper-strut wish-boom rig provides safety, performance, and simplicity. The remarkable speed of hydrofoils is driven by removing the hull from the drag of the water; conversely, regaining contact with the water while flying leads to rapid deceleration. Learning to fly has resulted in some nasty bruises and cuts in other foiling boats as the boat rapidly slows and the sailor continues forward into the shrouds, wing bars, or withdrawn foils. Keeping the “splashdown path” clear for the sailor was a must in the UFO design. So while the UFO rig takes advantage of the benefits of stays, they play no part in securing the rig to the boat, instead reversing back to the deck collar at the mast base, clear of the splashdown path. Further, the jumper stay arrangement provides a broad tuning range of rig stiffness, enabling the boat to be powered up or de-powered to taste.

The mast collapses into three parts and is made of carbon fiber and a carbon-glass mix, depending on the stiffness requirements of each segment. The boom sprits are also made of a carbon glass mix for stiffness and durability. The fully battened mylar sail is made and designed by North Sails, and is raised with a halyard rather than capsizing the hull. For storage and transport the wishboom collapses easily to pack with the mast sections.

The centerline T-foil arrangement is the most proven hydrofoil technology in existence and thus forms the basis for the UFO’s foiling system. The UFO flies on a pair of centerline T-foils, made from a hybrid foam cored carbon/glass composite and fixed to the bottom of the mainfoil and rudder’s struts. The combination of these foils and the tunnel hullshape allows for full retraction of the horizontal elements between the hulls. This makes the boat very easy to launch without worrying about damaging the foils, or even for the UFO to be landed “beach-cat style” straight on the sand.

The mainfoil has a control flap along its trailing edge, which is driven by a wand at the bow. The wand detects the distance of the hull from the surface and automatically corrects the flap position, controlling flight and keeping it within the range set by the sailor. “Ride height”, the desired elevation of the hull above the water, is set by changing the extended length of the wand as a ‘set and forget’ tuning. Ride height can be set low to keep the hulls close to the water and assure a certain degree of safety and stability, a sailing mode nick-named “training wheels” by the design team. The ride height can then set incrementally higher as one’s comfort with flying high and fast increases. The rudder foil possesses no active controls, though it can be tuned with a ‘set and forget’ built-in angle of attack adjuster, a feature also available on the mainfoil. This enables the foils to be adjusted for the wind conditions of the day.

  • Unique patented hull and rig designs
  • Stable on and above the water
  • Small footprint for carefree storage and shipping
  • Takeoff from about 8knts of wind
  • Fast, fun, easy to control foiling
  • Designed and built in the USA
  • £9950 -includes beach trolley
  • Compatible and rewarding to all skill levels
  • Lightweight for easy maneuverability
  • Solid, nearly dent-proof, hull

We are arranging test sails at various locations in the UK. Please contact us for more information.

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